What are some things a soon to be pet owner should aquire before bringing in the new family memeber? And what is a good way to lessen vet expenses? (medium sized pomeranian mix, 6 years old)


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Lard Ass answered

Food and water bowls, a bed or "special" blanket, chew toys, food, grooming brush (a Pomeranian will need groomed) make sure shots and working are up to date and although more costly initially, it's better for your pet if you feed him/her a good not so "corny" food! Good luck to you! Enjoy your new friend!

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House training supplies, food and water bowls, bedding, toys, and walking accessories aka leash/collar, etc.  I would encourage a new pet owner to take their pet to a Vet for an initial check up.  That's where you would ask the proper way to care for your new pet.  Part of being a responsible pet owner is getting your pet regular and professional healthcare and grooming.  Having a pet isn't cheap and shouldn't be taken on unless someone has the funds to do it the right way.  There are no shortcuts.

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Like everyone said, bed, bowls, collar, leash, toys. A crate is another good thing to have. It will protect your dog when you aren't home and also when you have to put it in the car.

A good quality food will do a lot to keeping your pup healthy. Grain free is better.

Also I would look into microchipping. I have been around enough natural disasters to know if you don't microchip your chances of getting your pup back can be slim.  Shelters fill up quick and unclaimed pets get shipped out in a matter of days.

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