What's something goofy your pet did?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Question is ? What's something goofy he hasn't done ! Like running through the house barking at me to take him for a ride !  That's just one of many !

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My cat (in my avatar!) likes to sleep on one of our footstools, and on one occasion, she stretched and rolled off onto the floor! :D

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I read your question to zoΓ« and she said, "Woof, grrr, woof woof!" which is Canine for, "I don't do goofy!"

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Didge Doo
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She's snoozing just now, Happy. I'll be sure to pass that on. :)

And, Virginia: I was sure that you would.
Didge Doo
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I don't know if this counts but one very frosty winter morning I was walking her along the street when I took off my glove to use a handkerchief. Without realising it I dropped her lead. About 100 metres further on I realised that I had no dog. I ran back, only to find her sitting on the far side of a cross street, waiting for me. She knew she wasn't allowed to cross a street on her own.
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Oh, that's so clever!
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If my dog Scarlett hadn't seen you for awhile, she'd have to lay on you to remind you. So, she'd knock you down and lay on you to make sure you wouldn't get away again. I don't know how many times I'd be missing a guest and find my dog lying on our guest in the living room. Not in your lap either, full on your entire body.

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PJ Stein answered

Skully is a goofy boy. So much so, his nickname is Bozo. Here are two videos of my goofball. The first one I was checking out a new timer on a sprinkler, when I came around the corner to find Skully playing in the sprinkler.

The next one I am playing with Arabella and a K-9 cannon. It is a gun that shoots tennis balls. Skully hasn't quite got the concept on how to play with it.

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motormouth has a new sleeping spot on top of the toilet this cati s nuts

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My cat asked me for some beer and catnip, but I was just going through an episode or maybe it was a dream. I forget. The funniest thing that's ever happened to me.

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Maisie the Cat:  She has been partially shredding toilet paper rolls.  Discovered that she has been building a little toilet paper nest behind the sofa. 

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I have a dog name Ruth and she's a smarty- little one. She follows whatever I say into her whenever I have cheese. She really love it. She doesn't go inside her cage not unless you give her a cheese. 

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