Have you ever adopted a dog from an animal shelter or dropped one off there & why?


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I've adopted 4 dogs from shelters over the years. Also adopted 2 goats from a shelter.

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

I've never dropped one off at any shelters but I have rescued a couple of dogs from Dog rescue places. I always look there first and always find the best dogs that just want a home and to be loved. One is sleeping on my bed now as I write.

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Dropped off a stray 😻 that have been abandoned by a previous tenant of my apartment.

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PJ Stein answered

I have never dropped one off, and have never gotten one fro a shelter. Growing up all of our pets were ones that were being rehomed. We never went looking for pets, they just found us one way or another.

As an adult I have one that is a rehomed dog. While he did spend time in a shelter, I didn't get him from there. The original owners had job changes and couldn't give him the attention he needed. They rehomed him with someone who didn't give him the attention he needed, and abandoned him at the vet's office. They gave him to a shelter. The original owners found out and went and got him out of the shelter. By this time, he is extremely underweight. The owners know they still can't keep him but know the shelter life was not an option. The other of the owner knew I liked boxers and asked if I knew anyone looking for one. I picked him up a few days later and he has been a part of our family since. That was 8 months ago today. He has gained nearly 10 lbs. Since he has been with us and I am now making sure he doesn't gain  too much weight! He and my other dog have become best buds. He is the fawn an white one. His name is Skully and he is a big ol' lovable goofball!

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Never dropped a dog off, but I did bring a ferret to the shelter once. Fortunately, the people at the shelter recognized the ferret and called it's owner---she apparently got out on a regular basis.  (The ferret---I know nothing about the owner's personal habits.)

The last two dogs that were purebreds (Norwegian Elkhound and German Shepherd) so the shelter didn't have what we waned.

For the last 20 years, we have adopted one from a local German Shepherd Rescue group, another from a private rescue group that handles all breeds, and two from the local shelter (also mixed breeds).

All have been wonderful.

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We have got two. First from SPCA, six years ago. The second was rescued from a puppy mill by a local rescue group. He was in bad shape. They had to remove 33 teeth leaving him with six on one side (and he can chew with them) and two lower front teeth. Both are worth more to us than any amount of money. Before and after being rescued picture I will try to include.

The lower picture is the two together. the one on the left is the newer, pictured above.

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That's where I got my current dog, Lucy.  I didn't want a puppy or a specific breed .... Was just hoping to rescue a mutt and get some affection in return.  It's been a year now, and we're very happy!

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Despite my love for dogs i never adapted and probably never will.

I believe in responsibility. I support animal's rights.i would never adapt one of them in my place because i know they deserve better. My lifestyle put me in a situation where i am not qualified to keep an animal such as a dog with me. I can not attend enough attention and care for them. So the idea is completely out of options for me.

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I've always adopted dogs from shelters.  Adopted my current dog (now 8 years old) about 7 1/2 years ago.  This may sound crazy to some but I truly believe when you adopted a dog from a shelter, they NEVER forget what you did for them. 

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