I live in NC I was wondering If a dog were to bite someone that was over our fence and kill them would he have to be put down?


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If a dog kills a human shouldn't it be put down anyways? Wouldn't that mean its agressive?

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Walt O'Reagun
Walt O'Reagun commented
No ... you're an idiot who would rather his dog be abused than report criminal behavior.
Chrisww Master
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And your a lonely 40 year old that sits in his $30 apartment online giving people advice and watching things your mom wouldn't love
PJ Stein
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Walter is right. You are not being snitch by reporting you are protecting your property. Grow up and do the right thing. If you allow your dog to be abused, you are just as bad as the abuser.
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Barb Cala answered

Why would you want a dog who would kill anyone?

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Chrisww Master
Chrisww Master commented
I have 1 pitbull and a mutt mixed with chow chow and pitbull
and i love them both
pitbulls are nice until you throw rocks and hit the fence when they bark
Barb Cala
Barb Cala commented
You're really taking a chance with dogs who are potentially so dangerous. If people are throwing rocks at your fence .. call the police. You have to control your animals even in your own yard.
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 IMO Your statement as worded, you know the dog is aggressive and you only care about the dog, not the human life he may injury or kill 😔

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Chrisww Master
Chrisww Master commented
Yeah i love my dog more than a idiotic neighbor that throws rocks at him when he barks
Barb Cala
Barb Cala commented
Why is he barking? Neighbors are entitled to the peaceful enjoyment of their homes. Maybe your dogs are being annoying. It's your job as their owner to make sure they aren't bothering your neighbors. Keep your dogs inside if they're barking all the time.
Jann Nikka
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@B yep
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Tom Jackson answered

If someone chooses to go into your yard and there is a dog there, there is a "presumption of risk" with regards to that person's actions.

How that would all play out in a civil or criminal action is unknown.

If you have a situation like this, the opinion of a lawyer on your potential liability would be a worthwhile thing to obtain.

If nothing else, you would have done your "due diligence" and acted in a reasonable way to enforce your rights without denying other people theirs. 

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Walt O'Reagun answered

Unless you have actually trained the dog to kill ... It isn't likely to do so.
A dog will bite an intruder ... A guard dog will even hold that bite.  But they won't kill someone, unless they have been trained to.

And if you trained your dog to kill ... It is no different than killing the intruder with any other means.  You would have to prove it was in "self defense", under your state laws.

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Chrisww Master
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my pitbull was saved from dog fights
Chrisww Master
Chrisww Master commented
so she really only goes for other dogs that trespass
Barb Cala
Barb Cala commented
Dogs are animals and unpredictable. Your dog has a violent past and has been trained to be violent. You're taking a big risk leaving him outside IMO.
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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal, answered

Unfortunately there is a good chance of this unless you can prove you had signs posted warning trespassers of the dog and that the person he bit was intending to do wrong here by trespassing and had no real business crossing over your fence and this was a consequence of disobeying the signs and the fence and coming over anyway.  Good luck

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In my opinion it is our duty to always protect our animals from harm. Whether it's harm done to them or harm that they can do to others. My dog was my everything. She was a chow mix that was unpredictable in nature. So, knowing that I always had control over my dogs well being. She was always behind a stable fence, and while in the house she was protected and those that came to the door were protected from her. She went to obedience school and I worked with her daily. If by chance she escaped my control and harmed another person or animal the consequences were completely on me. Understanding that she could lose her life because of her territorial nature, and my incompetence, made owning her a very serious responsibility.

For the love of your dog's, protect them and protect others from them.

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