My dog got into the trash on Sunday. Stated with diarrhea on Monday. Began throwing up on Tuesday. Please read more in comments.


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After 24 hours of only vomiting once or twice I give my dog bland chicken breast and white rice in a 50:50 ratio. I boil or steam her chicken. I'll give that to her for about 5 days then go back to her normal feed. This is what I've done, but I'm not sure if your vet might have a better recommendation. Along with any answers here, I would also ask your vet for any recommendations. They know your dog best.

Hope your dog feels better, Cookie.

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Gerber strained chicken baby food is another possibility. When my animals will not touch anything at all this is my bridge no fail food. I always keep a few jars handy.
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Wednesday she had normal poops but was still throwing up. She had been eating just fine but Wednesday wouldn't touch her food.  She seemed fairly lethargic. Took her to a vet last night.  Thankfully no pancreatitis. Got meds  She still not interested in food. Any ideas of what I can do to help her feel better. First time in 7 years she's been sick.

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Believe me, she's getting plent of extra loves
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In the meantime. you'll have to device a way so that she doesn't get into the trash again. Dogs don't learn and are oblivious and she'll probably get into that trash again.
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Oh believe me, the issue has been rectified. Furst time she's been sick and I'm doing everything possible to make it the last.
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You might fix her some nice white rice with a little cottage cheese and see if she eats it. Maybe a few days of nice bland meals will get her back to normal. I have to feed my Basset like that daily with some cooked chicken because of pancreatitis. I also was told to give him a 10mg pill of Famotidine to help settle his stomach but it sounds like you already have some meds for that. Give the rice and cottage cheese a shot. Maybe that will attract her back to eating again.

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As everyone has said, white rice and boiled chicken for a few days. My dog can't have grains so she gets boiled or most likely Steam in the bag potatoes from the frozen food section. I will also add low sodium broth to their water to see if that sparks their appetite.

Did the vet do any x-rays to rule out any blockage or foreign objects? I hope your pup gets back to normal soon!

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