Anyone ever been bitten by something with toxic venom, ie: spider,snake scorpion ect.? What was your experience?


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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

Been bit by rattlesnakes, several Black Widows, Brown Recluse, several types of Bees/Wasps with no side effects like this

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Arthur Wright
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I do live halfway between Tampa and Orlando along the I-4 corridor but this was when I was growing up in New Mexico. Mostly the bees here though and luckily no Alligators yet!
Arthur Wright
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And these damn Fireants that attack en-masse are no fun at all
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I hate fire ants but they are everywhere so it doesn't seem like such a big deal to us.
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Woof Woofy answered

besides bees and wasps.. There is nothing venomous in my area. But there are Crotalus oreganus rattlesnakes further inland in B.C.'s  southern desert areas.

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

I was bitten by a rattlesnake deep in the woods with my cousin. He cut the bite and used one of those rubber bite kits to try and suck the venom out. When I finally got to the hospital, they gave me a shot of something and then knocked me out. I was sick for two days. Nasty little rattler. I was in the hospital about four days. It hurt good there for a long time. Still have the scar from the cut.

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Arthur Wright
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Only had a couple medical emergencies involving them there but with them seconds count and heard some didn't make it from other Medavacs. Heres one, in Albuquerque there is Manzano AFB which consists of a hollowed out mountain a mile deep to store nuclear weapons, a MP station and a fire station and that's it. The mountain consists of 2- 200,000 sq ft rooms and has 4 inch breathing tubes going up to the top of the mountain which has more barb wire electric fences around it and a huge double 12 in solid steel doors. These breathing holes are 4 in diameter pipes that level out with the ground. The Mountains there are full of Timber Rattlers and they go down those holes like a spear gun and I don't know how many Airman have been bitten by these dropping snakes on the head and shoulders. Just some pleasant reading for today. That Mountain has claimed a lot of Military and civilian jets too taking off from Albuquerque internationall
Arthur Wright
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I remember watching them slither under my POW cell which was about 2 feet off the ground into the camp amongst other snakes and things and prayed that one wouldn't bite me in the butt at night or if my arm fell out of the cage while sleeping and hit one in the head. It was fun watching the Panthers wander into the camp as the Guards would go nuts and heard several screams but never knew why. Always wondered if those snakes would drop in on the POWs being held in the in ground cells
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WOW!! Interesting read Arthur, thanks!
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I've been bit by a black widow and a brown recluse on two separate occasions. I experienced two very different reactions. The brown recluse was localized pain that radiated up my leg. I had local swelling and tenderness followed by a nasty wound that had to be cut open and cleaned out. The black widow bite hurt bad. I developed a rash and was vomiting and had vertigo. Both required emergency medical treatment. Has anyone experienced something similar?

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Skip  Gentry
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That sounds awful, Jay. I'm glad you are OK from both of those bites.
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Thank you Skip, me too!! Not something I'd care to go through again but those boogers are all over the place here in Texas.
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I've learned the hard way you have to be very careful where you stick your hand while in an outdoor storage shed!
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Didge Doo answered

I'm not sure if this qualifies but I once competed in a triathlon in a lake infested by stinging jellyfish. By the time we finished, most of us were cramping badly from the volume of multiple stings. The people most badly affected had to be taken to hospital and one woman was kept in for four or five days.

I don't know how successful the following year's event was. I didn't go. There were plenty of better (non-stinging) events to go to.

Still, it was an experience.

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That does qualify, thank you for sharing. I stepped on a Portuguese bluebottle that had washed up on the beach when I was younger. It hurt something fierce. I had forgotten about jellyfish. I can empathize with you there Didge.
Gena Lorainne
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Dingeri Doo, you party animal, you.
Didge Doo
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You've got me there, Gena. >:-D
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Kristen Storm answered

I haven't been bitten by anything venomous but I got stung by a bee and was rushed to the emergency ward, Apparently I'm highly allergic lol.

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Arthur Wright
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Just spent 24 hrs in the Hospital due to a wasp sting allergic reaction 3 weeks ago. Damn Universities are experimenting with making hybrid bees to combat the Love Bugs here in Florida but they sure hate people when they grab their nests
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Here in Houston, Mexican tarantula Hawks are migrating up from Mexico. They are huge and sound like hummingbirds. They scare the sh*t out of me and can only imagine getting stung by one, although I think red wasps are the worst in my area.
Kristen Storm
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Arthur that sounds very similar to the African honey bee. It's a nasty little insect. and VERY protective of its hive.
JayP that just sounds scary haha
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Gena Lorainne answered

My friend's child got bitten. His hand got swollen like a balloon and e said he's experiencing terrible pain. It really wasn't cool. At all.

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I was bitten by a radioactive scorpion. The next day, I grew a tail and my thumb and index finger could pinch harder than a car compactor.

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I was bitten by what I assume was a brown recluse. It hurt! It felt like someone poked my finger with a knife. It turned purple within a half hour. I went to the ER and they gave me antibiotics and a pain reliever.

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