Is my hamster okay? He keeps struggling to get out his cage although its very large and has lots of toys and everything he needs. I got him a day a go and I'm wondering if he's just getting used to his new home, but he's still trying to get out.


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Meesh Dollinger answered

Give him time. Think he is accumulating to his new home. He should settle down.

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It's normal for a hamster to try to get out of its cage, no matter how big the cage is or how clean its cage is.  It's a trapped animal, that is no longer able to run free (it's instincts make it want to be free & wild & able to control its own life.). Your hamster will, for the rest of its life keep trying to get out!!!  If u have a clear plastic cage, it WILL GET OUT of the cage by biting the plastic, until the hole is big enough to get through, it's just a matter of time.  If you have a metal cage, obviously they can't bite through metal.

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Understand that he is an animal with the instinct to run free and hide where HE feels safe.  You have locked him in a cage, with unfamiliar textures and odours .. And he feels anything BUT safe.  He could have been abused by other people which will make him even more afraid of being around other humans and being handled.

You have to be very cautious about the types of items you put in his cage...especially bedding material.  Some bedding material is very poor quality and could be driving him crazy or making him sick.  Also remember, his bedding needs to be changed often. He needs fresh water daily. Remember, animals have a VERY keen sense of smell .. If it doesn't smell good to you, it will be far worse for him.

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