What Are Mammary Glands?


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The term mammary glands is defined as the organs of female mammals which produce milk. It is with the help of the mammary glands that the mothers are able to provide food to their young ones. In the simplest terms, the mammary glands are defined as the breast glands. These form and carry milk to the nipples when the mammal is pregnant.

The mammary glands are defined as the adaptations of the sweat glands that secrete milk. They are the characteristics of mammals. In fact, the class of animals which is known as the mammals derives its name from the same root as the word mammary, and it is for the same reason that they are named so.

The fundamental components of the mammary gland are the alveoli, which are defined as hollow cavities which are a few millimetres long, lined with the epithelial cells that produce milk and surrounded by the myoepithelial cells.
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The part of female body which produces milk.

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