What is the difference between algae and plants?


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There are a few differences between algae and plants, but the most significant difference is that plants have connective tissues that are used to transport water around the entire plant.  In the case of algae, water is absorbed via individual cells. 

Other differences between algae and plants

  1. Algae don't have stems, leaves or roots, whereas plants do.
  2. The majority of algae live underwater, although there are cases where algae do live on land.  The majority of plants live on land.
  3. Algae are often single-celled, whereas plants are multicellular.
  4. Finally, plants have a more complex reproductive system than algae.

Fun facts about algae

  • Algae produce more than 70% of the world's oxygen supply.
  • Certain algae can live in boiling water.
  • Fossilised algae has been used to create dynamite.

Here's a little video about algae, and why it's so awesome!

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Are algae mostly unicellular or it maybe multicellular?
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You know algae either maybe unicellular such as diatoms or multicellular such as macrocystis pyrifera

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