What Animals Live In A Dry Climate?


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Thousands of species of animals live in dry climates and deserts around the world - far too many to list them all here!

Animals that live in extremely dry climates have had to make significant adaptions in order to survive in these conditions.

What animals live in dry climates?
  • Mammals - The most obvious mammal to list here is the camel. The large hump (or humps) on the back of the camel store much-needed water and food supplies for the animal to draw on when it is trekking across the desert. Other mammals such as zebras, lions, cougars and many, many more are common in dry or desert conditions!
  • Insects - Dry climates are also home to a huge number of insects, ranging from mosquitoes to millipedes. These insects usually burrow in the cooler ground to avoid the sun's hot rays during the day. Insects have also made significant adaptions so that they can survive in this kind of environment.
  • Birds - Desert or dry climates are hosts to numerous species of bird, such as the vulture, but the most surprising bird that you can find in a desert is the penguin! Penguins are native to Antartica - the world's largest desert and one of the driest climates on the entire earth.
Literally thousands of animals species live in extremely dry climates across the world.
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Snakes, lizards, tortoises, coyotes, bobcats, deer, cougar and many other animals live in dry climates.
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Animals such as zebras.

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