Do you ever smile and laugh when watching an animal just being themselves?


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Nassy Nascarnut Profile
Nassy Nascarnut answered

I love to shark dive thus encountering other sea animals. It's difficult to laugh or smile 40 feet underwater but I am on the inside. B-)

Hilary Newton Profile
Hilary Newton answered
My old cat archie sits in a bush waiting for folks to pass,then darts out to grab thier legs can not repeat the names he's been called,haha,
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Joe B.
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LOL hehe that made me laugh thinking of my own cats..... Oh those little critters, what goes on in the minds of them hehe
Arun Bera Profile
Arun Bera answered
Yes many times, the incident create a beautiful non-forgettable moment in the life of the observer!!
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Joe B.
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Thank you, both for your answer and the wonderful picture as well :)
I am all out of helpful ratings, as they limit us to 10 or so a day, but in under 11 hours I will get a new batch, and you will be getting the first one friend :)
Arun Bera
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I am also out of quota, thanks for your compliment my friend!!
Jane Goodell Profile
Jane Goodell answered
Yes. All the time. I just can't get enough of my pet dog, Tess.
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Joe B.
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Thank you :) I will give you a helpful rating when I can tomorrow when this site gives me my ration of 10 to dole out hehehehe
Karen Profile
Karen answered
Yes, I watch the critters outside my breakfast table....birds, squirrels, etc...
But I love to play with my dog the most....
Ace anonymous Profile
Ace anonymous answered
Haha yea I do.  I can't help but laugh when I think about my dogs sometimes
Amber Frandi Profile
Amber Frandi answered
Yeah, My best friend in the hole world, dog Does some funny shit just being her self. LoLz, an i sit their laughing my ass off all the time!

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