How Many Times In Your Life Has A Bug Flown Into Your Mouth?


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Anastasia (nickname: Anya) Profile
I was enjoying a walk in the woods down a "path" i made and i was watching a sunset. My mouth dropped open in awe from the beauty. Boom. There goes a beetle. In my MOUTH!
Jim Witness Protection Profile
If you ride a motorcycle, especially at night, at least once every ten miles. That is why I have a moustache that is as thick as a warehouse broom - acts as my own personal bug catcher.
Erin Ramey Profile
Erin Ramey answered
A bee has never flown into my mouth either
I can't tell ya right now as there is a bug flying around in my good!
Kelly L. Profile
Kelly L. answered
NEVER I would freak out if it happened. But one I almost brushed my teeth with a dead cockroach in the bristles. ALMOST! Also I thing there's a guest response with the same story posted here. That's mine. I didn't realize I didn't log in.
Nathan Corrie Profile
Nathan Corrie answered
Never had anything that stings fly into my mouth (touch wood !), and only had a fly go in maybe 4 or 5 times.
I'm not a very talkative person face to face so, without wishing to appear too virtuous (!),  perhaps it's 'cos I don't spend a lot of time with my mouth open !
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
I can recall only 1 time this happening to me.driving in the desert in our jeep with the top off and i went to take a sip of my water and one of those tiny bugs flew in my was windy and hot..i should have known better
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
I've probably eaten a swarm of bugs in my lifetime so far. Between being on the 3 wheeler when I was growing up, plus all the bicycle riding, and motorcycles, and quads now. Come to think of it, I really don't want to know how many I've had in my mouth!! Great question though!!
Rena Chisholm Profile
Rena Chisholm answered
I've had  flies in me mouth a few times.
  I have to admit it wore me out running all around with me mouth open though.
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Jacquelyn Mathis
Jacquelyn Mathis commented
I could see you running after a bug to catch it in your mouth. Lmao roff
Yep. I always believe what Tam [dernit. Doggone bug flew up my nose] lol
Rena Chisholm
Rena Chisholm commented
I just do not understand why nobody believe me.
What up with dat?
Brian Reed Profile
Brian Reed answered
1232.4 times in my lifetime . Honest I counted all of em,the .4 got cut in half as he entered the fan. Am I a big liar or what?
greg c Profile
greg c answered
Nope. Never. And the only way I could handle it is if is was dipped in the darkest dark chocolate.
Wila Musamba Profile
Wila Musamba answered
About a million times because riding a bike through a swarm of bugs every morning its inevitable. And it makes up for all those times I miss my
Pamela Krueger Profile
Pamela Krueger answered
One time we were eating breakfast on the patio in the springtime.  I yawned real big and a fly flew right in!  Coughed him up and continued eating...☺
mike carlsen Profile
mike carlsen answered
Too many to count, lots of bird droppings on me too ;) lol! 
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Jacquelyn Mathis
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Ewwww, never thought about that one. Lol
mike carlsen
mike carlsen commented
Whenever we had to open or close the hangar doors when i was in the air force it would literally scare the $%^& out of the pigeons roosting in the door tracks ;) lol!
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
NEVER, I would be so afraid. But I almost once brushed my teeth with a dead cockroach in it. Not Kidding. Almost. I looked through the bristles and saw it laying dead.
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Maybe a handful of times. The first I remember was picking berries off a densely wooden island in a freshwater lake. I had mosquito bites on the inside of my cheeks, but my grandpa and I got 2 buckets full of blackberries!
Lynne Dwyer Profile
Lynne Dwyer answered
Use to be everytime I rode. Now I keep my mouth closed, ( Makes the ole-man happy ) until I came across some yahoo that just needs to hear my opinion.
Glen Thornbury Profile
Glen Thornbury answered
Several! However once I was riding a Motorcycle and a WASP went in my mouth!
He stung me 3 times before spitting him out! That was something!
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Lynne Dwyer
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No wasp, a dragonfly once. Rider next to me thought it cool to see little wings hangin out of my mouth. Lol
monique jones Profile
monique jones answered
I was walking home from school and these bugs where all in one giant cloud and i had to walk through it and i was talking to my friend. I didn't feel it though.

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