My 3 year old Labrador has been diagnosed today with lymphoma.. I really don't know if i should go with chemo or just put him to sleep. He is still as happy as ever and he is so young.. I will miss him so much :(?


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I had 2 beautiful Labs.  I personally think that chemo, just prolongs the suffering.  Your dog is going to be extremely sick during chemo!!!  I don't think I could watch my dog go through all that, but that's my personal opinion.  The cost would be quite substantial, & then there are still no guarantees.

It's better to remember how happy he was, then to remember all the chemo & suffering he went through.

I know this is a very hard decision to have to make & im so sorry, that you have to make this decision!!!

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My heart breaks for you. I have not had a dog with lymphoma, but mine had a mass on his spleen. They told me he had days to live. He was stable at the time so I brought him with the agreement if he started hurting I would bring him back and they could end is suffering. I cried for days. Then it hit me he was acting fine and I was depriving him of a happy last few days. Thankfully with some adjustments in his lifestyle and adding some supplements, he last another 20 months.

I realize you will most likely not get 20 months, but you can make what time he does have a happy and loving time. You said he is still happy, so keep him that way. Enjoy the time you have left. There are medications that can manage the pain for awhile. Most people I know who have had dogs with lymphoma have gotten on average 3-6 months to spend with their pups after the diagnosis, some longer. Just spoil him. Give him the last bite of your burger. Take him for car rides. Love on him as much as you can for as long as you can. Then when the pain becomes too much, and he will let you know when that is, you let him go as peacefully, and as well loved as you can. Again, my heart goes out to you.

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Working at a prominent, well established veterinary hospital, I come intocontact with people facing the same questions quiet frequently.Yes, quality of life is definately something to really consider.  However, ifyou can keep him/her comfortable with some type of meds.,  that's whatI would do.  When he/she gets to a point where the pain can't be controlled,then you will know it's time.  I wouldn't use chemo-too expensive and hurts the quality of life for the cherished time you have left with him.
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You shouldn't kill anything deliberately unless it is a threat to your safety or life. Suffering is a part of life. We can't save everything. Ask yourself what you would want done to you if it were you we were talking about. Where there is life, there is hope. Once something is dead its over.
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Thanks for the reply,i have decided to go with the steroids until its gets to much.. When he cant walk,eat etc then i will put him down i think its the kindest thing to do.. Its the hardest decision i have ever had to make but i really dont have the money for chemo etc.
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I would rather suffer than die but I understand that other people don't share each others opinion. I hope every minute of the time you have left will be filled with joy and happiness. And try not to be sad. Be thankful you still have time left.
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so sweet!!!

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