Have You Ever Seen A June Bug?


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About 6 foot tall.  Every weekend.  He drives #88...go JuneBug aka Dale Jr...lol♥  SO SORRY, YOU CAN TAKE ME OUT OF NASCAR BUT YOU CAN'T TAKE THE NASCAR OUT OF ME!!!♥
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When I was growing up, the adults called a common beetle june bugs.
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Yes, they are ugly and about an inch and half long.  They are gross.
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I have seen them every summer since I can remember.  They are all over connecticut.  Those that are here are about .75 inches long.  Annoying little things.  Their feet stick to your clothes and hair.  When you go to brush them off...its just gross.
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What we called June bugs in Tennessee when I was a child were about a half to three-quarters of an inch.  They were iridescent green.  Their feet would get caught in your clothes.  I know because we would catch them, tie a string to one of their back legs, and watch them fly in a circle.
(photo from The Dirt Doctor at dirtdoctor.com)
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  Here in Oklahoma they visit us every summer. They are nowhere near an inch and a half long.
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Oh my gosh!! Yes and their about an inch long give or take!! They are absolutely disgusting. Whats even more disgusting is when your driving and they are smacking at your windshield and getting stuck in your grill.
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What we call June bugs in Ga. Are sometimes called pine beatles. There about 1/2 in., tan and they fly. We see lots of them every summer.

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