If You Just Woke Up From 15 Year Coma, What's The First Thing You Would Do?


11 Answers

Aisha Profile
Aisha answered
I will go back to my home and see my mother. That is exactly what i would do !
grace couch Profile
grace couch answered
I would want to see my family,my parents ,my siblings ,everyone i left behind .
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Becca McGee
Becca McGee commented
The first thing i would do is go out and plan a picnic. If I've been inside all of those years it would kill me and i would want to see the sun. I would invite everyone i ever knew before the coma and have the biggest party in history.
Chris Lee Profile
Chris Lee answered
Smoke a pack of cigarettes!
Steve Profile
Steve answered
Find me a woman of course
Feifei Hou Profile
Feifei Hou answered
Maybe that time i've already been in another era, or on another planet. The first thing i will do is to see whether there are different people from me,haha.
G LoCz A Profile
G LoCz A answered
....shower!....lol...go to the nearest church and give thanks....then eat the biggest combination pizza i can get my hands on...lol...I'd be starving after so long!....

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