How Many Types Of Freshwater Shark Are There?


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This one gets a big complicated.

There are only believed to be six "true" freshwater sharks. These are animals that live mostly in freshwater, although most also enter the ocean at times in their lives. They are all in the Genus Glyphis, and live in parts of South East Asia and Australia. Their numbers are probably more abundant in Australia (where they have the best legal protection) than elsewhere.

There are a lot of other fish that live in freshwater and are sometimes given the colloquial name "shark", but these aren't true "sharks" (fish with cartilage as their skeletons).

However, a large number of true shark species may enter freshwater (typically swimming up rivers or streams) at least occasionally in their lives. At least 38 different species -- not including the six in the Glyphis Genus -- have been recorded at least once in predominantly freshwater locations. Many of these 38 may complete at least part of their life cycles in freshwater.

Nearly all of the freshwater sharks pose no risk to people, an exception being the Bull shark.
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That was nice way to explain the question.and he edited alot of information about freshwater sharks. Also that there are fish that you can buy in your local pet store that they call sharks but really arent.

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