What Happens When A Cocktail Egg Turns Grey?


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I think you mean a Cockatiel, right?  I used to breed them.  If you have a male and female and they are laying eggs, it means the darker they get, the closer to hatching they can be, if the parents are laying on them and turning them and caring for them.  If they are not caring for them and it's just sitting off somewhere alone unattended to, the chick inside may have died.  (If you do not have a male and female but just a female and she has started laying eggs- the egg is rotting.)
If you are breeding, you'll need a breeding box with some bedding and after the female will lay an egg every other day or so.  She can lay up to 6 eggs but usually mine only laid 3 to 4 at a time.  They will usually hatch after 35 days if I remember correctly. I'm sure there is a website you can go to.  Google Cocktail Breeding and see what you find.
Good Luck!
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I have finches that lay eggs and have had babies.
The darker they get the closer the babies inside the eggs are to hatching

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