What Part Do Humans Play In The Food Chain?


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I don't know.. I'm asking you
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A terrible wasteful part as we have the choice of eating healthily from the plants. Wasteful because each stage of the food cycle becomes less sustainable so that at the top the human carnivorous diet is totally unsustainable as the animal they eat has taken 90 per cent of the energy ( food) to keep itself growing and alive and the human only reaps 10 per cent back. Whereas when we eat direct from the ground there is NO wastage as it is totally sustainable.  Meat eaters also consume more than their fair share of water, a massive 20 per cent more that a veggie .  So we have a massive water depletion problem too.   Meanwhile thousands of babies die every day through starvation as a direct result of this wasteful way of food production that the Western world partakes of. This is the result of the modern way of feeding in the rich countries.

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