What Is The Giraffe Food Chain?


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Adult giraffes tend to be safe from predators because of their size and their speed. They are also capable of delivering some very brutal kicks that can prove to be fatal to the attacker. It is more commonly known for baby and juvenile giraffes to be killed by predators like lions and so enter the food chain as prey.

Even though they are more vulnerable, baby giraffes are guarded by their mothers, who make a very serious adversary, and they are also capable of moving quickly from within hours of being born. Their markings also make a very effective camouflage, so they do have advantage on their side.

Giraffes feed on the twigs of trees, with a preference for Acacia, though they will also eat grass and fruit. This means that their droppings are rich in the nutrients for other creatures, namely insects, to live on, and they can also provide rich fertilization for the re-growth of plants and trees, thus making them a valuable link in the food chain. Fruit seeds can also be dispersed this way, so the life cycle of the trees can continue.

Although a giraffe can eat 65 lbs of leaves and twigs in a day, it can survive on a mere 15 lbs. Typically, giraffes need less food than other grazing animals because they have a better digestive system, and because the food that they eat has more concentrated nutrition in it.

Apart from other giraffes, there is not a great deal of competition for Acacia foliage because of the very sharp thorns, but giraffes have tough lips, tongues and palates so they can deal with them. Throughout the wet season, giraffes are happy to spread out because there is plenty of food, but the dry season will see them herded more closely together as they look for food.
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A Lion eats a giraffe a giraffe eats trees and plants and thats why it has a long neck it also can go without water for two weeks and every time a giraffe picks its neck up it picks up 550 pound!

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