Where Does Lizard Man Live And What Does He Eat?


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There's no evidence to the existence of Lizard Man, I'm afraid. I believe it's a hoax.
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"Lizard Man" was a bizarre, two-legged green creature allegedly seen near the small agricultural town of Bishopville, South Carolina, located in central Lee County, in the mid 1980's.  The thing was reported by a known drug dealer(who was recently murdered in a drug deal gone bad)who claimed it had attacked his car as he was changing a flat tire near the community of Browntown, just outside of Bishopville, in the vicinity of Scape Ore Swamp.  Ironically, this sighting was made adjacent to the farm property of my own late cousin, Lucius Elmore, who had been experiencing a lot of problems with punks stealing and vandalizing his farm equipment and produce...and Mr. Elmore was close to seven feet tall, and he'd talked to family and friends of making a suit out of butterbean hulls and hiding somewhere on his property at night to scare the thieves if they showed up again.  I'm a native of Lee County, which gives me a bit more of a local perspective that the news people aren't privy too.

Bottom line, "Lizard Man" is a HOAX.  It's not real, unless you count an aggravated farmer in a butterbean hull suit as real.  Lee County has used the press to its advantage, though, bringing in tourist dollars to what is otherwise a very poor area of the state, economically speaking.  The Chamber of Commerce has continued to make money of the "Lizard Man" mystery, selling t-shirts and bumper stickers and parading around a guy in a Godzilla costume for parades and other public events, like our Cotton Festival.  It's a neat little myth, but there's no truth as all to the existence of "Lizard Man".

Oh, my cousin Lucius's favorite foods were pecan pie and stewed tomatoes over rice, so if anyone else asks you what "Lizard Man" ate, you can pass that along from first-hand information.
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I was looking at a documentary called lost tapes. This team went in2 the sewers because someones cat fell down a drain. 2 make a longstory short they went down and saw that the cat was torn to peices. They heard something went down the tunnel turned and this creature with red glowing eyes popped out and killed 2 of the crew members. The guy fought lizard man and killed him. They came back the next morning 2 look at it but the bodies and lizard man was no where 2 be found.

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