What Is The Dose Of Flagyl For A 55 Lb Dog?


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It should be on your prescription bottle or if there is a question you should give a call and clarify with your vet. What's it for, any other meds and anything in history indicating it might not be a good idea (severely debilitated, pregnant, nursing, hepatic function, hypersensitivity ect.) or that changes safe dosage?  Not possible to calculate a proper dosage or use without evaluation. Most commonly side effects and toxicity occur over a period of time or by acute over dose and if it isn't indicated or if needed a change in regular dosing due to an underlying issue such as with a liver problem or other factors. Since we don't know anything we need to know other than weight, giving an improper dosage (or at all) could play a part in killing your pup or them having to be hospitalized  or other problem though generally pretty safe when all of that is known and evaluated and metronidazole/flagyl is a commonly used med for issues such as giarrdia and gastrointestinal bacterial infections. Sorry. Hope your baby is feeling better soon.

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