What Are The Traits Of A RagaMuffin Cat?


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Meeting a RagaMuffin cat for the first time, you may think that it acts more like a dog than a cat. RagaMuffins are very affectionate and loyal, and unlike some other breeds of cats often run to your side when you call. Another striking feature of RagaMuffins are their beautiful silky coats, large eyes and size, which can seem quite enormous. Full-grown males are usually around 15 - 20 pounds.

RagaMuffins adore attention and are known to be very good with children and other pets, with some gentle training.

RagaMuffins have the basic needs of other cats. Due to their long silky coats, they are usually kept indoors, where they are a great companion. A good surface for scratching is important in order to nurture their natural tendencies and save your curtains. Also, due to their size, Ragamuffins may require a bigger kitty liter box then other cats so that they can get into the box.
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I completely agree with Seastar. I have a ragamuffin and he is more of a dog than a cat, I use a dog liter box, due to his 19lbs, his silky fur in beautiful, although troubled with dandruff. However, I have found by trimming his outer coat, that his under coat is like velvet and does not have dandruff. He is a lap cat to say the least. He comes when called, he is gentle, happiest when being held, and puts up with almost anything. He is even territorial and puts up a fight if my boyfriend wants to cuddle with just me and does not include the cat.
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I have a ragamuffin-8 months old. He is not a lap cat and only 9 pounds and not loving at all.

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