Can You Have A Run For Your Rabbit On Concrete?


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Yes, you can have a run for your rabbit on concrete.
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Honeygirl Hi,     Yes you can have a run and hutch/rabbit house on concrete. In fact it makes it easier to clean. You asked for as much info. As poss. So here goes!   Because rabbits are pack animals it is now considered cruel to keep a rabbit on its own and so I would advise you to get two, who are well bonded. If you are adopting from a rescue then they will normally "pair" two up for you as it is quite tricky as rabbits are very territorial.  When I say "Pair" up I do not mean to mate and so to produce lots more unwanted rabbits but rather I mean a neutered pair. The best pairings are a neutered male with a neutered female. We have 14 rescue rabbits ,all neutered and all in pairs of neutered male and female. It is wonderful to see them mutually grooming their pal. They cuddle up together and are great together BUT it needs someone experienced to "pair/pal them up or you could have a big fight on!     Ask an animal rescue for advice. Most have experienced rabbit people nowadays.     Rabbits love grass as it is natural to them BUT many rabbits dig out of their runs when on grass ( they,re good diggers, after all they dig warrens in the wild) and so Hay are more safe on concrete. Concrete is also much easier to swill down now and then and also to pick up their droppings from. Many rabbits like a litter tray and will use it.   We put newspaper and some hay in our trays.  Rabbits should be able to run around ,lots. It keeps them fit. Rabbits are herbivores and need grass or HAY at all times. They have such a unique digestive system that it keeps healthy when they can eat hay continuously. Nowadays Alfalfa hay is OUT, it is too rich for them so please avoid it. A good quality hay for eating AND bedding such as timothy hay is the best choice. Rabbits love a look out post to climb on and survey their habitat. They need a supply of good fresh washed greens. Lots of people associate rabbits with carrots and lettuce but too many carrots can upset them. In the wild it is the carrot green that rabbits go for and not the orange part. They also like pellets. They like rabbit mix too BUT this is best avoided as it can give them diarrhoea and also they selectively feed leaving out what they do not like. They also like most fruits BUT too many can upset them . Vets. Advice is to give a treat of fruit twice a week only. Rabbits cannot vomit. They are lovely animals who have been badly treated. They are actually quite complex animals and should NT be taken on easily and I do admire you and your parents for finding out your rabbits needs BEFORE you get him/her or hopefully them (a pair) . That is being very responsible. Too many people get an animal without knowing anything about it. Cheers. Please get back to me (could through friend) if you need more info. BUT plenty of hay at all times freely available. Bye Love. Aileeny.  Rabbits are not rodents and should NOT be kept btw with a guinea.
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Honeygirl, Rabbits redigest their "poo". During the night they take their semi moist soft droppings from their anus and transfer them to their mouth to redigest and the second time they come out as small hard pellets. There is lots more about these wonderful animals to tell you. Aileeny**
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Oooh, thats interesting about their "poo" Every second i think about this rabbit i want it more and more!But i am going on holiday soon so i have to wait untill i get back from my holiday because it would be extreamly un-fair on the rabbit if i bought it then left it for someone else to look after, because it needs to know who its owner is and to get settled in before we go jetting off to places aha, i just want one ( or two ) so bad, i just love taking care of other animals, i want to be a vet

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