Why Can't A Crocodile Chew?


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Crocodiles are usually a species that have been protected by many nations.
While mammals first chew and then swallow, crocodiles tear their food and then swallow. They keep twisting their prey in the water till they are able to rip off chunks of meat that they can swallow. The teeth of a crocodile are sharp and cone shaped. Like canine teeth in humans, these are meant for tearing.

To digest a single meal, they can take up to seventy two hours. Another surprising fact is that crocodiles consume just about one-tenth of what an average human does.

Although crocodiles live far away from human habitation, in some societies of Africa people revere them as gods and even perform animal sacrifices for them; a sumptuous meal for a big size god.
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Nancy Araujo
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Interesting, but I too am still wondering why they CAN'T chew their food. As you let us know, they tear at their catch instead and swallow chunks without breaking it down. Is it because of the way/angle of the lower jaw movement and the shape of their long snout because it seems the food would fall out if they keep opening and closing their mouth.

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