Recently my non built in swimming pool has had algae growing in it and we have seen thinks that look like tadpoles but we didnt see the eggs or anything so are they tadpoles or are they somthing else all though we have seen a few frogs in the garden?


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Yes they're tadpoles and the eggs would have been hidden in the algae to keep them moist and away from predators.They've obviously hatched and are now swimming in your pool.Your best option is to drain the pool and treat the algae and other bacteria with pool-specialist fungicide.
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luke hammond
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Could they live in there and be fine or should i take them out or what should i do i dont mind them in thier but if there just going to die then ?
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No they won't die Luke & those little critters will grow v quickly & be able to leave the pool by themselves.But they like drains anyways as they're wet & dark.
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Well, for there to be what you think are tadpoles in the pool, the eggs are not very visible. If you do see them They would be little black dots almost smaller than a penpoint that follow in a straight line. Also if you don't want them to die, but would like to swim in or put your pool away, then you should get a smaller blow up pool or a kiddy pool and use a bucket to scoop them out and into the smaller kiddy pool so they will eventually grow up. To clean your pool you don't have to have a lot of chlorine. You should try a saltwater system, considering that chlorine is not good for your skin or eyes. And it will keep your pool cleaner longer. Just make sure to keep your filter on at all times after cleaning the algea out. I really do hope this helped you out. Good luck!
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Tadpoles or mosquitos, they need to leave. If you have algae, and little critters growing, it's not a good thing, in a pool. A pond..yes. Soon as the little jumpers are big enough, get them out and clean the pool. And keep it clean. If you have stagnant water, you will get mosquitos. In many areas, homes lose property value because of dirty pools. It is a genuine health risk and could be reported to your local county property inspector, and be fined for it. Check out "tadpoles" on Goggle images to make sure you know what your dealing with.
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There probably Mosqutio larva you need to get lots of  chlorine into the water if you have a pump and chlorinator turn it up or refill it that should  kill the bugs but you may have to get algaecide to kill the algae if you don\'t have a pump you can try bleach I\'d go to a pool store for how much  but I would not swim in it till you kill the bugs it could be dangerous they carry many water born disease
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luke hammond
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Im confused now i just got a complete diffrent answer aha thanks tho im fine either way im just lookin for answers aha
Maria Not Telling
Trust me iv been around pools my whole life we have had many and i used to work with a pool cleaning service i know what im talking about janey just jealous that i know what im talking about
luke hammond
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I hagve just had some one come around and they said it was masquto larvi thanks you both of your for your help

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