When i put my horse in her stable she will try barging out when i go out and close the door how can i stop her doing this?


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According to online sources, there are a number of ways you can prevent your horse from attempting to leave her stable - these include reducing the amount of time your horse spends in her stable, placing distractions inside her stable, and ensuring that she is well-fed.

• Reducing the amount of time spent in the stable

99% of horses find stables boring and claustrophobic environments. After all, horses are not designed to be cooped up indoors; they're designed to spend their days galloping across open planes. As a result, all horses (although young horses especially) can often try to attempt to leave their stable, causing confusion and frustration for their owner.

Reducing the amount of time your horse spends in her stable, or increasing the amount of time she spends outdoors, will make her less likely to attempt to force her way out of the stable. Spending long periods of time inside a stable will not only be boring and lonely for your horse, but it will also leave her with a great deal of energy - allowing your horse to spend more time outside will help to tackle both of these problems.

  • Placing distractions in her stable

As stated above, stables are boring places for horses, as there is nothing for them to do in there. Just like humans, horses need to be occupied, either physically, mentally or both, in order to remain happy and healthy. Therefore, in order to distract your horse, and to make her less likely to attempt to leave her stable, you could put distractions in her stable, such as a horse ball. This will be especially effective if your horse spends a lot of time in her stable.

  • Ensure that your horse is well-fed

Hungry horses are restless horses, and are therefore more likely to exhibit troublesome behavior such as attempting to leave their stable. Ensure that your horse has the right amount of food to keep her satisfied, as this could help curb any unwanted behavior. If the amount of food is not an issue, check the quality of food you're providing - ensure that your horse's diet contains a lot of roughage, as this will help her to feel fuller for longer.
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I train horses everyday and what the problem is ground manners. What you should do is out her halter and lead rope on.

Walk her around, and then just stop if she takes a step or goes to make her back up 10 feet.

It's something you have to do frequently.

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