Who would win in a fight a german shepherd or a doberman?


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I wouldn't want them to fight, but if I had to say my answer would be that the German Shepherd because they were bred to fight crime. They can bite holes in walls if they wanted to. Someone did make him/her do that.
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I looked at this question on the internet and found these answers:

RE: German Shepherd vs. Doberman
Author: James (---.caseyprograms.org)
Date:  02-23-2004 10:25

German Shepherd no doubt of any kind. This German Shepherd  I used to have when I was a kid destroyed a Doberman that tried to attack me. The same Shepherd beat another Doberman too. They probably have one of the better chances against pit bulls. One of my friends big Black and Tan German Shepherd tore up a Pit Bull pretty bad. German Shepherds are pretty fierce and really quick.

RE: German Shepherd vs. Doberman
Author: James (---.caseyprograms.org)
Date:  02-23-2004 10:28

I gladly argue with anybody on who win between a German Shepherd and Doberman. I have seen the two breeds fight. The Doberman stand no chance trust me.

Author: Patriot (---.caseyprograms.org)
Date:  02-23-2004 15:11

I agree with you James. For my experience Dobermans get overpowered a lot by other dogs.
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Doberman bec its stronger
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It really depends on the actual dogs you choose rather than their race. A German Shepard is very skilled in controlling the herd, whereas the Doberman is usually quite strong. Having said that, I knew someone who had a Doberman and it was so gentle it wouldn't even hurt a fly..

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