What Is The Origin Of The Tamale?


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The word "Tamale" is a noun and the name of a highly seasoned Mexican dish dating back nearly five thousand years. It is prepared using chopped meat along with crushed peppers. Seasoning is added and the meal is prepared after wrapping in cornhusks. A spread of masa is also provided before steaming the same.

The word "tamale" comes from the American Spanish word "tamales" derived from the Nahuatl word "tamalli". Nahuatl is the name given to a group of languages spoken by the indigenous Aztec people of Mexico.

Traditionally this was a meal prepared for war parties that had to travel light. It is a very common food in Mexico. It is mostly a breakfast dish there. Depending on the proportion of ingredients several types of tamale are available.
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Oh I know this... I just saw it on the travel channel not long ago. The tamale originated in Mexico. Although tamales are very popular all over south america and even a staple in some south american countries, tamales were eaten by the Aztecs of Mexico long before the spanish conquistadores arrived.
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Does that go back to Mexico...who knows.. Some sure do taste good
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The history of tamales

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