What Is The Biggest Frog In The World?


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One of the biggest species of frog in the world is the South African bullfrog and also the enormous goliath frog. Both are true frogs and are found throughout eastern and southern Africa. The goliath frog probably wins the prize as the largest of the two – it can measure up to 40 centimetres from top to tail and has a span of its outstretched legs of up to 80 centimetres.

Because it is so enormous, the goliath toad is a cumbersome, slow moving creature that is unable to jump at all, never mind enter frog jumping competitions like is American relatives. When it is put in danger by the approach of a predator it usually just skulks under some undergrowth and hides out of trouble. It can also retreated into deep depressions in rivers.

The goliath frog is so called by the local people that live alongside it in the forest of West Africa. They believe that the bones of the goliath frog, particularly those of the hind legs, are strong good luck charms.

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