The Wool Industry In India-which Sheep Are Reared And What Problems Are Encountered?


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A number of sheep are reared in India and there are a number of problems in rearing these animals. Sheep that are reared in India include the Deccani and the Bellary.

Common problems that affect the rearing of sheep in India are:
• Balanced nutrition
This is the most common problem when it comes to rearing healthy sheep. The sheep need a balanced diet to ensure that the meat is edible, and that the wool is of a high quality. Those animals that do not eat a balanced diet are prone to disease, and this obviously affects the quality of the wool and the meat. The sheep require a mixture of protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals and water and this is a problem in certain parts of the country. The fiber that is necessary to maintain a healthy diet is sometimes difficult for the sheep to find, and this can cause problems, including digestive issues.
• Lack of food and water
Because of the variety in the diet that sheep require to stay healthy, the lack of certain elements of the diet can produce problems. Water is the most common issue when it comes to rearing sheep, despite it being the cheapest to provide. This is because the water in a sheep's diet is often overlooked, and this upsets the equilibrium.
• Distance needed to travel to obtain food
Sheep generally need approximately 4% of their body weight and this can be a problem for sheep that need to look for food. Those that are kept on a farm are not majorly affected, but those that are left to roam often have to travel long distances to obtain their food, and this alone can leave them underweight, and the quality of the wool and the meat produced from these sheep is affected.
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the wool industry in india- the kind of sheep that are reared and the problems faced

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