Whether It Is Fair On The Part Of Human To Rear Sheep And Chop Off Their Hair For Getting Wool?


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Before going into that, I would first mention humans actually kill animals(like Hens, Cows etc) to get food for them. Humans do kill sheep to get food for them, when they could get it from somewhere else. Humans use cows' and goats' skin for so many daily life products. So, getting wool from sheep won't be a big issue If proper care of sheep is taken(which undoubtedly, is taken care of). It is just that, measures should be taken to save sheep from any harmful effects and sheep do get advantage in shape of more care.
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God gave us animals to provide us with food and clothing. I have no problems with shearing sheep for their wool.
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I don't see anything wrong with sheering sheep for wool besides it is just hair it grows back.
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I'm against because it hairs grows again

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