What Is A Tardek Injection?


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A Tardak injection is basically an alternative to castration. It is used mainly on dogs, although it can also be used on cats. It has even been used to calm down male rats who get over excited and can be aggressive. It is comprised of the hormone progesterone and stops the build up of testesterone.
Within the canine world it is used to treat dogs with an enlarged prostrate gland. Any dog who has not been castrated will have an enlarged prostrate gland. This can often give it problems with urinating.

Some older dogs cannot be castrated because they may not be strong enough to withstand the operation.
It has to be repeated every two to twelve weeks and therefore is not a permanent solution (the effects are reversible) however, this does mean that it can be quite expensive to use on a regular basis. It can only be adminstered by a vet.
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Tardak is given by injection. It is an anti-androgen and acts against some of the effects of testosterone. It can be used to provide a temporary effect similar to castration, but without any surgery. The effect usually wears off after a few weeks and can be repeated as required.

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