Are Cotoneaster Berries Poison For Dogs?


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Cotoneaster berries are mildly poisonous to dogs and can cause stomach problems, diarrhoea and sickness for them, so it is advisable to avoid them at all costs. In the event of this occurring, speak to your vet as soon as possible.

They are not the most poisonous of substances so will probably not kill your dog, but any sort of sickness can have a big impact on its health, so it may contribute to further problems. Basically, death is possible although not very likely.

Cotoneaster plants often flower in spring and the berries themselves appear in autumn. Birds can easily and safely eat them. Cotoneaster berries can be toxic to people if they are eaten in large amounts.

Most symptoms of eating them can be mainly stomach based, but some cardiac problems have been known to occur. This means it can be a very serious issue, so try to avoid them wherever possible, for both you and your dog.

The best thing to do is to keep your dog away from areas that the berries may be around. Always watch your dog and keep an eye on what they eat whilst out and about outside.

Make sure your dog eats before they go outside, so they are less likely to go eating anything that is on the ground or other plants nearby. If this does happen then try to take it away from your dog, and go to visit the vets as soon as possible to make sure no health problems occur.
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Cotoneaster berries are indeed poisonous to dogs.  If ingested you should contact your vet immediately.  There are certainly things more poisonous than Cotoneaster berries but these can certainly give your dog diarrhea and make them vomit.

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