Where Can I Get A Patterned Jacket For An Italian Greyhound?


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To find a pattern suitable for a coat to keep your Italian Greyhound warm, you could consider going to a regular fabric or textile store and adapting the material they offer into a coat design that will fit your dog.

Alternatively, there are a number of purpose-specific retailers that cater to the dog-fashion market, and finding a coat for your Italian Greyhound should be fairly straightforward, although the variety of patterns available will be severely-limited in comparison to those from a general fabric manufacturer.

Purpose Specific Sites
One useful site if you're looking for a coat for your Greyhound is greyhoundproducts.co.uk, which offers a dozen or so styles of jackets for Greyhound and Whippet breeds. This site comes with the added option of being able to customize a jacket design, meaning you'll be able to add everything from your beloved pet's name, through to a diamante bow detail.

If the Greyhound breed is particularly close to your heart, you may want to purchase a coat for your Greyhound from retiredgreyhounds.co.uk, where all profits from your order will go towards a registered charity that funds the care and rehoming of retired racing greyhounds.

Custom Coats
If you find that you are keen to have a larger choice of materials and colours from which to choose, then perhaps a website like fashionfabricsclub.com is more suitable. They offer everything from Cranberry Boucle Wool Coating through to Floral Outerwear , although once you've ordered and received your length of fabric, you'll still need to find someone to design and cut the customised coat your Italian Greyhound will ultimately enjoy. 

Pet Couture
Products such as coats (and even trousers) that are custom made for our canine friends are become ever more popular, and this is mainly due to the large demand for such items. It is now possible to purchase clothes for dogs of all shapes and sizes, with top designers like Hermes and Chanel getting in on the trend. In fact, a recent statistic emerging from Japan suggests the country has 22 million pets, this is compared to a population of only 16.6 million children under the age of 15.
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You might find what you want here,
there's lots of patterns for different
coats, jackets and hoodies as well
as dog beds and toys

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