My Italian Greyhound Has A Throat Ulcer. What Is The Cause?


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If you suspect that your dog is suffering from discomfort due to ulceration or infection, the best course of action is to take your pet to a qualified vet. This will allow your dog to receive a full and proper examination of his symptoms, and will ensure any treatment required is administered promptly.

The main problem with trying to diagnose a possible cause of a canine throat ulcer is that ulcers are often only one symptom or manifestation of a larger problem.

Without a full examination, any diagnosis based on the presence of throat ulcers alone will be largely speculative, and could be attributed to anything from a simple cut or soft tissue injury caused by ingesting something sharp or abrasive, through to a more serious condition such as Parvovirus infection or even distemper. 

Often, dogs will communicate their discomfort to their owner in a number of ways, so keep an eye out for excessive saliva; a sudden change in behaviour such as lethargy, or difficulty eating. This last point is especially important as, with any throat discomfort, your dog may find it difficult to eat and may even stop eating all together.

It is important that your dog is able to eat as recovery from any illness, no matter how minor, will always be hampered if your dog is unable to sustain his or her energy levels and protein intake.
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It's not necessarily an ulcer. It could be lumps or growth of cancerous cells. It can be swelling of glands as well. You cannot be very sure of that unless and until you take your pet to a vet and let him examine its throat completely. If these are cancerous growths then it really is a matter of concern. Ulcers, if not properly treated in time, can lead your pet to cancer. So I suggest you take it to vet as soon as possible.

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