What Are The Abiotic And Biotic Factors Of The White Tiger?


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Biotic factors are the living features in an environment, like animals or plants.  nonliving or physical factors are called abiotic factors. 
here are some hints to remebering the difference:
Biotic factors are normally taught in biology.  biology is the study of living things (bio meaning living and -ology meaning study). Therefore, bio- means living.   so biotic factors are the living parts of an environment.
the prefix a- means without.  so disect abiotic like this: A-bio-tic. Abiotic means without life, or nonliving.
A tiger would be an biotic factor, but that counts the tiger as a whole.  Tiger do not have abiotic factors because they are living.
I don't know exactly why you are asking this question, is it out of curiosity or was it assigned to you by someone?
hopefully this explains to you what you need to know, that tigers are biotic, and cannot be abiotic whatsoever.

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