How Much Weight Does A Race Horse Lose After A Three Mile Race?


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If a horse runs with a speed of 4 to five meters per second then it consumes about 25 liters of oxygen per minute which is about 40% of its maximal uptake. In a 1,600 meter race or one mile race, a horse loses about 5 and 15kg body weight, out of which 90%  is water. Now you cane estimate how much it can lose in a three mile race.

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First time starters are difficult. Some trainers generally gear their horses up more for the first race, others like to ease them into racing, and give them a race or to to acclimate before trying to get a good race out of them.
Some sires also generally have more precocious offspring, others have later maturing offspring.
If you want to wager on MSW races, or races with FTS in general, it pays to do your research on those two items. Trainer and Sire.
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