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The Wahoo is a fish that hails from tropical and subtropical coastal areas.  In Hawaii Wahoo is known as ono which means delicious.  Wahoo is renowned for it’s delicate and high quality white flesh and is often sought by sport fishermen.  The Wahoo is from the family Scombridae that also includes tuna.  Wahoo can grow unbelievably quickly with one fish documented as having gained 22 pounds in a single year.  The largest of the mackerels, Wahoo can grow to a maximum of 2.5 metres (8 feet) in length and weigh 83 kgs (180 lbs).  They can reportedly swim up to a speed of 80 I'm/h (60 mph).

Wahoo is a somewhat rare delicacy.  They are not farmed, so all Wahoo are wild-caught.  They can be obtained as bycatch or from sport fishers who would employ a hook and line or a longline.  Bycatch is obviously not the most environmentally sound method although Wahoo is currently still considered to be an ethically sound dinner choice.  However little research has been done into Wahoo populations so this may change in future.  The Fish and Wildlife Research Institute is presently conducting a study of Wahoo populations in Florida so new and updated information should be forthcoming in the next couple of years.

As with tuna, mercury levels in Wahoo may be a health concern.  Wahoo are predatory fish and their diet consists mainly of smaller fish and squid which means that they conceivably have dangerously high levels of toxins that have proven to be unhealthy for humans to consume on a regular basis.  The Environmental Defense issued a health advisory against Wahoo that claims adults can safely eat Wahoo twice a month and that children’s consumption should be limited to once a month.

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A deciduous shrub or small tree (Euonymus atropurpurea) of eastern North America, having small purplish flowers, pink fruit, and scarlet arillate seeds.
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Wahoo is present in tropical and subtropical coastal areas around the world and is edible fish. Wahoo fish is also know as ONO (means delicious) in Hawaiian Islands. Wohoo with the elongated body is covered with scarcely visible scales; shiny blue green back with silvery sides and a pattern of vertical blue bars. Colours fades really fast after death.  It is of almost 83Kg and can swim up to 80 km/hr.

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Wahoo is a type of edible fish native to tropical and subtropical coastal areas around the world. It is prized for its delicate white flesh and is a popular sport fishing catch. Wahoo is also known as Ono, meaning "delicious," in the Hawaiian Islands.

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