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True seals belong to the family Phocidae but the term ‘seal’ can be used to refer in a general manner to pinnipeds, members of a superfamily of mammals by the same name.  The way seals are defined is that they are a mammal that has flippers, are adapted to aquatic life, but can survive both in and outside of the water.  This final distinction separates them from dolphins that are another example of a flippered mammal.

Seals are able to stay underwater for up to two hours without the need for fresh air.  Pinnipeds have highly developed oxygen conservation abilities.  They are characterized by their sleek, muscular bodies and are carnivorous creatures.  Their bodies are obviously designed for swimming and they have powerful teeth and jaws that make them excellent hunters.  Seals can swim over long distances to pursue their prey and their ability to swim effortlessly fast should not be underestimated.

Although seals can survive on both land and water, they are clearly better adapted to marine life.  On land they are quite awkward and will spend the majority of their lives in the water.  They have highly developed rear flippers in comparison to their fore flippers.  To communicate, seals will use a combination of grunting and slapping the water with their flippers.  Eared seals have more developed front flippers and are far more agile on land in comparison.  They are also more vocal with a good example being the sea lion, that is known to make quite a lot of noise.

Another pinniped is the walrus.  These creatures are easily recognized by their awesome tusks and their truly massive bodies.  Walrus enjoy a diet of shellfish and employ a rather unique feeding technique by which they crush shells in their mouths, suck out the edible flesh inside, and spit out the remainder.  This is a thorough and efficient method of eating.  These pinnipeds can live outside arctic regions although this is what they are usually associated with.

Performing seals that people are often familiar with are actually sea lions.  Non eared seals, or true seals, lack the large front flippers necessary to navigate confidently on land.  Seals that can be spotted during low tide on the seashore are also not true seals as is evidenced by their well developed front slippers and their frequent vocalizations.

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It is a mammal that lives in the sea. It has a strong body that helps it to be an excellent swimmer as it's body is having a streamlined shape, So they can swim fast. But on the land its movement is very slow. Most seals eat fish & squid. Usually they gather to breed in Spring & Summer.
For further details go to: en.wikipedia.org)

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