What Are Common Problems In Boxers?


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My neighbor had a beautiful boxer.  I saw him everyday.  he would consistently pull on the leash to chase cars.  unfortunately he was an extremely muscular dog of only 2 yrs. Of age and pulled the leash so hard, his owner, who was very fit, fell down & her boxer chased the car down the street approx. 1/2 mile only to meet his demise.  it was quite sad, but that was the only behavorial issue he had.  :(  boxers are a wonderful breed of dog.  but you must show him who the leader is.  ‚ô•nassy   pls. Rate my answer.  thank you.
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My mother owns 2 boxers. My mom's 2 females have a tendency of fighting. One of the boxers is very jumpy like if you startle her or touch her from behind. That one also has an attitude because she thinks she owns everyone. Lol. When their other boxer was a puppy she use to chew on things and was hard to potty train. I know because I'm the one who did it. Lol. They are stubborn and have lots of energy. All in all are very good dogs. They are also great with children. They can be very hard to train depending on the pup's personality.
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its not the bread that can be hard to train it is how stubborn the dog itself is you have to stick with it and show you are the alpha
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I know, I meant "they" as in my mom's two boxers.
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My girlfriend grew up around boxers and spent a lot of time with a breeder she says the breed can be stubborn but you have to stick with it and maintain alpha status, the males get more territorial as they get older , the breed is prone to histamine bumps that may become cancerous its kinda like a mole on you that can mutate and become cancerous, white boxers tend to have more health issues than brendals or fawns things such as blindness and deafness occur more often in them you need to have the tail docked around 2 weeks of age due to a genetically weak tail that is prone to break which can cause more problems a great kennel website is www.freewebs.com the owners email is on the site and she is very helpful and answers questions good luck in you doggy endeavors
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My mom worked with a vet for a while they nicknamed them cancer boxes for they are prone to cancer. It is sad though because they are so sweet.

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