If I Shave My Pomeranians Hair, Will His Fur Grow Back Thicker?


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KR- myopinions answered
Not really. Is that what you are wanting to happen or not wanting to happen or just wondering?
A grooming can make it look a little better and evened out (what will look the best depends on the hair a lot of times). You can even do a cut with some fluff (like a 3, 4 or 5 and if you don't know the 3 is the longest though they can look good with a 4) if the coat allows it. Hand scissor is a possibility (groomer experience matters) but usually costs more. There is also something like a 7 where the body hair is more smooth without a lot of fluff (head and tail would be reference). They are shorter than it seems for show most of the (sometimes the exhibitor would rather risk it a little longer but work on the coat is still done and often extensive) and then 'styled' to look like they do. If your pup is in the awkward stage then a cut may also help with appearance and your full adult coat will be in around a year and a half or so. Really it's your preference and what is easiest to maintain (they can be total wrecks at the skin) and most comfortable for your pet though looking good is always a plus. :-)

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