I'm a 15 y o guy. My cheeks are covered with small white hairs and are very visible in the sun. I shaved them today. Is this bad? Are they going to come back thicker?


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That's just puberty at work on your body. You can keep on shaving them off or just stop until they come in thicker.

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It has begun! Once you start shaving you will notice more and more and darker hair as time passes. Initially, way back when I shaved once a month or so. Then after a year or so it crept up to twice a month.  Then the frequency increased till at one time, in my early 30s and beards were not accepted in the the military, I had to shave twice a day.

Basically you are on the threshold of manhood. Enjoy the ride.

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Shaving them once will not make them come back thicker. Only time can do that.

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