Why Does Our Staffordshire Bull Terrier Keep Getting Ear Infections?


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Food allergies (often low quality food) are a frequent cause of ear infections (and a ton of other things). Is that possible? You can check your food for it's rating and if there any reviews on the analysis site. If it has corn in it that is probably a big factor and especially if high in the ingredient listings. Other than that ear infections are more common when it's muggy, or damp or raining or if dogs swim a lot or anything like that. Could that be a factor? If so when there is no ear infection (need meds from the vet and it would hurt) you can try to wipe out your pups ears with a little rubbing alcohol or ear cleaner which contains it (a little more gentle with the additives) more frequently to try and help dry out some of the excess moisture which may be contributing. Food and breed parent club links below.

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