How Did Rabbits Get To The UK?


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The Normans were introduced Rabbits to England in the 12th century (after the conquest of 1066) for food and fur. The rabbit is originally from the Mediterranean region and was later introduced to quite a few countries and islands. They were also introduced in Australia where their population has grown to alarming proportions.

At one time they were considered to be natural wonders as they not only provided meat and fur but also helped to suppress shrubs, gorse and bramble. This meant that other flowering plants had a greater chance of surviving and this in turn would affect the butterfly population.
Unfortunately it did not really work out that way. Rabbits seem to prefer forest plantations and the farmers' crops and though they did provide meat and fur they are very prolific breeders and so their population increased rapidly (which meant more crops being eaten!).
In the UK alone, rabbit damage is estimated to be more than one hundred million pounds every year.
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They get taken to different places around the world or they just find their way
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Rabbits came to the UK by invasion.
They Concorde our lands, now we are the slaves to our cutie pie fluff ball, the RABBIT.
They force us to pick up their smelly poo, clean their cages spotless and make us tickle them behind the ears! They knew that if they left, their old dust building waist land, they would be honored and graced with loyalty. They should go back to their warm climate! They shouldn't live in our sacred green land full of flowers and joy!
Get out of hear!
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I think it was the Vikings discovered them (I don't know, I just like Bunnys lol!) (get it, Bunnylol?!) Teehee spaz.

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