Why Does My Cat Lick Wood Furniture?


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Jacquelyn Mathis Profile
Cats lick for many reasons. They can get minerals and vitamins from some of the things that they lick, other times it can be for affection, or cleanliness, and another reason could be a nervous condition.
Did something get spilled maybe, the cat found it, and likes what it was that was spilled. Wash the dresser off thoroughly with a mild soap and water, see if that gets the cat to quit.
But unless the cat starts to show signs of getting sick, I wouldn't fret over it. Hope this helps, good luck.
SidrA Tasneem Profile
SidrA Tasneem answered
It is habitual in pets especially cats and they lick many things because it is also used to taste any object they can eat. Keep her away to cut this habit in your cat.

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