How Can I Know If My Gold Fish Is Pregnant?


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The gold fish can easily be identified as male and female. The lower caudal fin of gold fish is called clasper organ and is also male organ. Fe male does not have this organ. When a female gold fish is pregnant, its belly swells than normal.
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My family found out that 4 out of 7 of my gold fish were pregnant by seeing that she would not eat as much,stomach was very big, and they would rest alot more than usually. Now we have an zoo of Fish we have 15 femals and 11 males. We are so happy that we have gold fish. They make my kids very happy!
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The stomach of a female goldfish is little fatter than the male
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Goldfish ARE egg layers. Females ripe with eggs do get fat. But unless you have a really big tank, (or pond) it's very doubtful any egg laying will go on. Possible, but not very likely.

Some types of goldfish are also "fat." Might you have one of those? Fan tails, ryukins, lionheads etc... To name a few. All have a very boxy shape.

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