How Do We Find Out What Sex African Grey Is?


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You have to have a DNA test done on it at your local Vet Office. We own one also and that's the way that they determined the sex that he is.
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cheers thanks will do that.
Ronnie Maye
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I hope you enjoy your new bird. We have had ours for about 1.5 years and he is a blast, talks all the time.
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The DNA test s practically fool proof. The sample is compared to samples of males and female the lab has in their database. 
Feeling the breast bone all the way to the bottom to determine if the bottom opening is larger than the male is usually only guessed correctly by experienced breeders and avian vet.
Most larger parrots, like the grey, will not  usually lay unfertilized eggs in captivity, so the lack of eggs is not conclusive proof. Of course if it does lay an egg ......

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