Why Is My Six Month Old Female Pitbulls's Skin Turning Pink?


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Hello. :-). All the time or mostly after she's been active and playing or I don't know what the temp is where you are so it may be while outside or just after coming in? They can turn pinkish or reddish with exertion kind of like we do and it will also likely show more wherever she might have white.
Is it just something like her 'chin' or the top of her head? That can be irritation or acne.
If it's different it could be early signs of something like food allergies ( what are you feeding and is it rated 5 or 6 stars, check yours and check out the review to see why it's rated the way it is, it's informative), could also be early signs of something like a staff or other skin infection and they also are prone to demodex. Is it patches or dried out or any bumps or looking a bit raw or anything else a little off about it?

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I have been around pits for 20+ years and the pink is nomal! Mostly caused by her blood pumping faster and blood flowing quicker due to exertion or exercise in some sort!

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