What Does It Mean When Your Dog Nails Turn Black?


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According to veterinarians, the color of dog's nails will not impact their general health in any way. Typically, nails will not change color dramatically, but it can happen, and it doesn't generally indicate any disease or fungus. However, if you're worried about the color change, be certain to take Fido into the vet to have him looked at. Usually, dogs with darker colored fur will also have darker nails - however, there are exceptions, and there are really no hard and fast rules with this sort of thing.

  • Note your dog's behavior

If your dog seems healthy, active, and responsive, there is probably nothing to worry about. Use your instincts - if your pet seems lethargic, cranky or a lot different than usual, and his or her nails have also turned black quite suddenly, you should listen to your inner voice and realize that there is really a problem. With animals, getting proper treatment rapidly can make all of the difference...

  • Other resources

To find out more about caring for dogs and diagnosing and treating health symptoms (such as black nails), be sure to visit message boards that act as virtual chat rooms for pet owners. By becoming a member of one of these online forums, you can get tons of helpful information about your pet, and you can also make friends with dog owners who care for the very same breeds of animals. If you love chatting about pet care and pets in general, you'll find that there are a host of excellent forum choices out there.

Black nails are typical in many dogs, and certain dogs may have black or white nails (or any shade in between); therefore, it's really hard to assess health based on the color of nails. A veterinarian will have the skills to spot any problems with your animal.

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