What Is The Saber Tooth Tigers Habitat?


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  • Saber tooth tiger habitat mainly consists of grasslands, shrubby areas, and pine forests that have permanent water sources such as floodplains, marshes, swamps,  bogs, rivers, lakes and wetlands.
  • It inhabited in the temperate regions of North America. Such regions were rich in vegetation such as woods, shrubs and grasses. These vegetation rich areas were home to large herbivores like bison, antelope, horses, camels, deer, mastodons, mammoths and ground sloths, most of which were their main source of food.

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These animals lived in the deep forest and woods in the cold temperatures during the Ice Age.The lived during the end of the Quaternary Period. It is said that they went extinct because of the rising sea levels. When the Ice Age was over, all the glaciers melted and the sea level rose and covered the Saber Tooth Tigers habitat.

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